About Ideal Herbal Tea

I'm Kelli Cantrell, owner and author of ideal herbal tea. Come along with me on my journey to discover the best, quality herbal teas around.

Idealherbaltea.com is devoted to providing information on herbal teas and their various uses. Herbal teas are drank for their health benefits such as the range of pytonutrients that have a protective affect on health. Here you'll find plenty of information on the types of herbal teas, recipes, benefits, and the general of "why choose herbal teas over any other beverage?"

My interest in herbs and their uses started when I was young...

My mother found me in the kitchen one day cleaning off some freshly dug-up dandelion. I explained to her that I planned to dry the roots and steep them in water afterwards.

"You must have been a witch-doctor in another life," she said.

And maybe she is right. I've long held an interest in herbs and their various uses. Their endless aesthetics, aroma, application, and preparation does fascinate me.

I've been herb gardening for awhile also and find the care of these plants cause for research. The tiny white flowers of rosemary, the flat umbrella of a yarrow flower around the garden, and the sprawling stems of a chamomile in full yellow bloom led me to experiment with the herbs in various recipes and steeped in tea. I went searching for more of their backstory.

After reading through journals devoted to herbalism, the works of prominent herbalists, and a number of books on herbs and spices I realized they do have some amazing properties.

I'm here to share with you in my continuing journey to learn about herbs and their use as herbal teas.


Kelli of idealherbaltea.com