Cinnamon Chocolate tea: Bring On the Healthy Christmas Season

Looking for a healthy way to get into the Christmas spirit? Cinnamon chocolate tea is one of my favorite herbal teas for the season. I make good use of the pure cocoa powder and cinnamon for a sweet beverage. It's not another version of chai tea either. More like a traditional specific beverage that simply uses a lot of cinnamon.

So whats cinnamon chocolate tea? It's my sweet blend of cocoa, layer of cinnamon, and a spike of vanilla.

  • Cocoa is the familiar chocolate ingredient. To keep things simple I only use the powder form, which provides plenty of flavor.
  • Cinnamon is the spice to accompany your holiday teas.
  • Vanilla leaves give a sweetly astringent note to the chocolate.
  • Rosemary adds a minty note. And I just really love the smell and flavor of rosemary along with its anti-septic properties (very useful as cold season goes on at the same time that Christmas season is going on).

Instead of Santa's cookies, you can have a healthy herbal tea for Christmas without the sugar-laden, artificial, and hydrogenated ingredients found in most holiday cookies. Okay, I still like to have a few chocolate peppermint cookies around the holidays, but I now like to have them with my cinnamon chocolate tea. The tea is not overly sweet and is simply fulfilling around the busy holidays.

Make your own cinnamon chocolate tea

Whats the cinnamon chocolate recipe?

  • Tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • Tablespoon of cinnamon powder
  • Teaspoon of vanilla leaves
  • Teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves
  • Teaspoon of dried lemon peel

Place the herbs into a tea infuser and allow it to steep in boiled water for five minutes. You can always add honey or a bit of stevia for an even more naturally sweet flavor. Add a real stick of cinnamon for even more flavor.

I've briefly experimented with cocoa powder in tea before. It's rich, slightly roasted flavor and easy use was appealing though I don't normally drink chocolate (only eat it) so I wondered when to use it. Picking up some leftover Madagascar vanilla leaves that I bought from the Mother Earth Fair the year before, I placed them in the same infuser with the cocoa powder. What goes good with the two? Cinnamon, of course! So does other spicy herbs like cardamon and ginger. Hey, I'll keep things simple and only use one spice. So I added the cinnamon and to give it some more interest why not add rosemary and lemon peel? Well, like I said above I use rosemary for its smell and anti-septic, anti-bacterial properties making it perfect for the cold season coinciding with the holidays. Its the best combination: sweet and healthy.

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