Herbal Green Tea: Combining Herbs and Green Tea for an Amazing Drink

Herbal Green Tea

Herbal green tea combines herbs and "true" tea for an irresistible flavor, appearance, scent, and enjoyment. Sure, we're use to seeing and tasting green tea, which is made of the camellia sinensis, but it gets old after awhile and has a vegetal flavor by itself. But add in herbs and green tea is improved. Much more improved.

(Sometimes you'll see the term flavored tea applied to "true" tea blended with other herbs.)

What are the best blends for improving the flavor of green tea?

  • Fruity and green: I always love a quality blend of pomegranate, blueberry, acai, plum, and grapes added to green tea. They balance the rather bitter, vegetal taste of green tea.
  • Flowery and green: One of my favorite flowery green blends has to be jasmine and green tea. They complement each other with jasmine lending it's silkier flavor to green tea.
  • Minty and green: Hands down, the combination of spearmint or applemint to a cup of green tea (even a few mint leaves) is pure enjoyment. Mints go well with the vegetal flavor of green tea.

Three great qualities of herbal green tea

The above blends sound good, but what is the reasons for loving these teas? How about the flavors, appearance, and scent of these tea combinations? There are unique advantages for the combinations going above simple green tea or regular herbal tea.

  • Flavor: Green tea with it's vegetal, almost bitter flavor is much improved by adding a few teaspoons of pomegranate and blueberry increases the flavor ante.
  • Appearance: Sure, the dark green of evergreen tea leaves are attractive though if I add a few flowers, petals, and roots that affect is manifold. Upon removing the brew basket you can see pretty pink rosehips, hollow lemongrass, and knobbed ginger. These look good next to tea leaves.
  • Scent: Herbal teas with their use of spices and many flowers will always have a scent advantage over green tea. A flower patch, a freshly pulled root of fennel, tender bee balm sprouts, and don't forget the simpler herbs like spearmint. All of these are herb teas. Add them to green tea for a cup of delightful scent.

Perhaps green tea is notorious for it's difficult brewing. Steep too long and the leaves are ruined. Steep not long enough and you'll barely taste it. Herb teas are easy to brew as most the flowers and leaves only need five minutes max in boiling water. So if your steeping herbal green blends either follow the label instructions or steep for 15 minutes. Root-containing teas may need up to 20 minutes.

Herbal green teas offer a world of flavors, appearance, and scent by combining two great teas. Simply use the best blends above and realize the advantageous quality.

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