Herbal Tea Benefits: The Best Medicinal Teas For Health

You probably know that herbs already have some great health benefits. All frivolous claims about mysterious concoctions aside, herbal tea benefits are real and numerous when sourced from high-quality herb retailers.

Medicinal tea has a long practical history thats kept it popular in modern times. Infusing herbs in water allows their active constituents (also called by their technical term phytochemicals) to be readily consumed. And many herbs due to their volatile oil content and aroma easily part with these constituents.

Its important to remember a few points on the benefits of herbal tea:

  • The marketers don't mention that plant chemistry depends on the growing environment. Elderberry grown in Europe is not the same as elderberry growing in the United States.
  • The public tends to believe the claims of the marketers even when they make spurious claims such as acai causes weight-loss (sure I love acai tea, but it doesn't cause weight-loss).
  • Modern research doesn't account for the synergy of herbs combined together (science has a tendency to be reductionist, unfortunately this is the wrong approach to herbal medicine). The synergy of plants, far from being some "magical" thing, is why some traditional herbal teas work so well together.

The herbs commonly used in medicinal tea have developed in cultural traditions, used by nomads, wise women, shamans, herbalists, and more recently backed by research into individual herbs. Infused herbs are traditionally used as a way to bring balance and maintain overall health though their application has been shown in individual ailments.

Herbal Tea Benefits Range from the Accepted to the Controversial

What is the story behind the best medicinal teas? What makes herbal tea benefits stand out?

  • What exactly are the elements of a detox tea? The blend of burdock, dandelion root, peppermint, red clover, licorice, and other goodness produces a classic healing in a cup.
  • One of the major benefits of herbal teas is there lack of caffeine. Caffeine in tea is a concern with the oxidized green or black teas.
  • Peppermint tea benefits makes this herb popular by itself or blended with other crispy, minty herbs.
  • Ginger tea benefits make this spice a star in the world of herb teas. The violate oils are responsible for it's medicinally useful ability against inflammation and as a carminative.
  • The Chinese herbal teas are steeped in a unique past thats full of powerful health benefits. The herbs anise star, gentian root, goji berry, dong quai, rehmanniae root, and astragalus are just a few famous herbs used.
  • The Ayurvedic herbal teas are a careful blend for your health and your palate with some the best known herbs for tea being tulsi (holy basil), boswellia, licorice, neem, ashwagandha, and turmeric.
  • What exactly is Essiac tea and how did it become a supposedly legendary cancer remedy? The story behind one herbal beverage thats at once simple yet controversial.

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