Herbal Tea Recipes

Herbal Tea Recipes

The many herbal tea recipes reflect a growing health consciousness and a desire for the wide-ranging flavors only offered by herbal teas. On this page I share the healthy and flavorful recipes, simply click the herbal tea recipes name for further information on blending and brewing methods. The variety ranges from the sweetly-tart taste of fruit teas with their use of common citrus and berries all the way to the traditional mint tea of peppermint and spearmint. However, herbal teas are often drank for their health benefits almost more than taste so its essential to use only certain herbal blends.

What are the best herbal tea blend recipes? They contain a blend of thirst-quenching and highly appealing herbs and spices from the categories of flowery, spicy, sweet, fruity, crisp, and smooth.  A herb may be blended with other herbs to enhance its own flavor and health benefits. The brewing time of a herbal blend can also determine the strength of its flavor profile. Below are my favorite categories of herbal blend recipes:

  • Gourmet tea blend: The perfect gourmet tea contains the refined flowers and fruits.
  • Best herbal tea blend: The best herbal for any time contains a variety of herbs.
  • Fruit tea blend: A favorite for it's flavor and easy brewing.
  • Herbal mint blend: Peppermint, spearmint, and even better are the numerous mints out there waiting to be brewed.
  • Aromatic blends: Spicy and pretty, aromatic teas are usually medicinal, but also flavorful.

Herbal tea recipes: A blend of the flavorful and healthful

Gourmet tea has become popular over the years. Sure, we've heard of matcha, but whats the matcha of the gourmet herbal tea world? It would have to be the blend of hibiscus, lemon, orange peel, and rosehips. Or perhaps it's a pure berry infusion with notes of hibiscus flower. Scent and flavor impact are the keys to this tea blend.

Best herbal tea blends: Whats the right combination of healthful, flavorful, and full of accents? The best herbal blends include the flowery, astringent, citrus, mint, and berry. You can brew the perfect cup of tea by using a blend that contains all the above ingredients.

Maybe your cup of tea is more about health benefits than actual flavor or accents. How about a strong cup of nettleleaf or burdock?

The fruit tea section offers a plethora of uses and flavorful punch. You don't have to stick to a hot drink with fruits as they tend to be even better in ice water. Theres so many recipes to use berries, citrus, pomegranate, plum, and even grapes in.

Herbal mint tea is a classic. You've probably seen peppermint tea sold in various places. Its one of the most popular herbal teas, but whats the secret to an even better mint herbal tea?

The spicy, aromatic, and astringent in one drink: Whats the fundamentals of a spicy tea and what are the main spices used? Ginger and cinnamon go great in many herbal blends or by themselves. They are used liberally in herbal teas that are on the strong side of the flavor spectrum and in medicinal teas.

The fun and the "exotic" herbal blends have to be roobios and lately yerba mate. Roobios goes well with raspberry while yerba mate is complemented by peppermint.

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