Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Theres such a thing as gourmet herbal tea, then theres the true gourmet herbal teas.

Where should you start?

Hibiscus herbal tea.

The hibiscus flower is perfect for the everyday, of course. The complex lemon-like flavor with touches of blackberry are an invitation to add citrus and other refined flowers to the blend.

Perhaps hibiscus is best known for being a solo beverage. The first time I ever tried hibiscus it was in ice water. Now I rarely ever drink anything cold, but this tea was great. Right after infused fruit, hibiscus would have to be one of the better cold teas.

But don't limit yourself to just hibiscus when theres some very flavorful blends to try. It's complex similar-to-lemon taste goes well with lemon and orange. Add in some lemongrass for more citrus depth.

Hibiscus herbal tea blend for great flavor and scent

The edible flower can be quite tart, however, it's citrus and blackberry notes of flavor make up for this tartness. Think of a tablespoon of ripe raspberries with lemon juice poured over it all.

The blend for a most pleasant hibiscus drink is...

One tablespoon of hibiscus
One teaspoon of rosehips
One tablespoon of orange peel
One tablespoon of lemon peel
One tablespoon of lemongrass

You can enjoy the hibiscus herbal tea blend hot or cold. I brew it for five minutes on high and know it's done when the steeped water is a lucid red color. And it really does have a wonderful flowery scent after steeping.

A tea blend enjoyed by itself or with a light lunch.

Sure, the above blend is flavorful, but I have other recipe blends I enjoy steeping. Hibiscus is a versatile flower afterall so the recipe blends below will complement it all nicely.

Hibiscus Flower Blend
One tablespoon of hibiscus
One teaspoon of lemon peel
One tablespoon of jasmine
One tablespoon of passionflower

Hibiscus Chamomile Blend
One tablespoon of hibiscus
One tablespoon of chamomile
One teaspoon of lemongrass
One teaspoon of rosehips

The above recipe blends are easily steeped on high for five minutes also or else placed in a cool area such as the refrigerator for an hour. The flowery scent of hibiscus actually becomes more prominent when blended with other flowers like jasmine and passionflower.

Your sure to enjoy the hibiscus flower by itself or blended with the citrus and flowers used in herbal teas.

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